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The feasibility studies are done by our engineers who support you from the beginning of your projects. We start by studying your specifications to determine the material that fits your project. Then we validate its feasibility by carrying out tests, the results of the tests performed on your parts allow us to decide on the feasibility of your project

Study and design of a tilting melting furnace

Research and analysis

Some examples of requests for tests:

  • Hardening

  • Brazing

  • Shrink fitting

  • Partial heating

  • Double partial heating, etc.

We can also make pre-series parts.

Our testing and expertise center

We have at your disposal a test platform equipped with generators that already meet many test applications. To ensure the feasibility of your projects, our engineers rely on state-of-the-art equipment.

Following the tests, we can develop a technical and commercial offer perfectly in accordance with your needs.

Some of our customers entrust us with small quantities of parts to carry out pre-series to validate the process before a more substantial investment.
Inductor opening on a test bench