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Thanks to our research and development department, EO Induction offers innovative and complex induction solutions in several areas of application.

Generating Plasma with induction heating

Like a gas, plasma has no defined shape. To generate plasma, we apply an electrical field to a gas. This creates a mix of ions and electrons, which give the plasma key properties, such as electrical conductivity, a magnetic field and sensitivity to external electromagnetic fields.
Induction is an ideal means of providing that continuous energy input for plasma generation.
Some typical industrial applications for plasma included :
  • Plasma welding

  • Metalcutting

  • Surface treatments (plasma spray coating)

  • Etching in micro-electronics

Induction steam

Evaporation is a process widely used in the industrial world. Its main application is the deposition of thin films and coatings on semiconductors, glass and polymers in the fields of electronics and optics. It is used on other industrial products such as food packaging films, metal strips, etc.
Induction evaporators are capable of providing different vapor flow characteristics. The many solutions will encourage engineers to create new types of induction steam equipment.

Industries related :

Food industry

Medical industry