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Extrusion is a thermomechanical process by which a metal is compressed and forced to pass through a die in order to obtain a predefined parts. The metal is formed continuously to obtain a long product (tube, pipe, heatsinks, profile, etc.) or flat (plate, sheet, etc.).

For the extrusion of steel, aluminium, copper and alloys, induction heating permits to have complete installations to gain in quality and flexibility.
Advantages of induction extrusion :

  • Reduced wear of the parts

  • High production rate

  • Excellent surface condition (no additional machining)

  • Energyefficient

Unlike traditional systems, the metal is heated without direct contact thanks to an electromagnetic field. This technique makes it possible to gain speed and guarantees optimal performance on many points.

Some examples of applications…

Manufacture of tubes in various forms
Manufacture of metal bars
Profile Manufacturing

Industries related :

Manufacture of tubes and pipes