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Induction annealing is a process that heats an already worked metal. In general, it aims to soften, regenerate steel structures or simply remove internal tensions.

Normalization is a annealing process that aims to leave the material in a normal state, in other words a state without internal stresses and with a uniform distribution of carbon. During the process, temperatures are maintained until the austenite is completely transformed with air cooling.
The main advantages of induction annealing:
  • Metallurgical results similar to traditional furnaces

  • Simple integrationinto production lines

  • Accurateheat and temperature control

  • Localizedheating

  • Reduced surface oxidation

Induction is used for all annealing work because this technology is more efficient than traditional furnaces. The main industries using this process are tubes and pipes, medical, oil and gas and automotive.

Industries related :

Energy production

Oil and gas


Steel Industry

Tube and pipe industry