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Shrink fitting is the mechanical assembly of two pieces with a tight fit. Depending on the application, some assemblies must be made hot, thanks to induction heating.

The main advantages of thermal shrink fitting are the reduction of residual stresses and strains. It also controls the quality of the assembly.

The main advantages :

  • Heating rate

  • Heatingaccuracy

  • Easy automation

  • High efficiency

  • Reversible process for disassembly

Several heating processes are used for thermal shring fitting such as gas, furnaces and induction, but induction shrink fitting remains the most effective solution!

Many industries use induction shrink fitting such as aeronautics, railways and automobiles.

Some examples of applications…

Shrinkfitting for bearings
Shrinkfitting for turbine shaft
Fit and remove large size bolts and nuts

Industries related :


Energy production