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Standard inductors, multispire, specific, isolated, integratable in tilting furnaces, with complex shapes… As you will have understood, EO Induction has the ability to design, manufacture and repair all types of inductors suitable for a multitude of applications. You can also use our expertise for a new design or modification of an existing inductor.
The inductor is the most stressed element of your induction heating installation. Regular monitoring of your inductors improves your productivity and avoids additional maintenance and repair costs. Do not wait for the breakage of your inductor at the risk of also damaging the power source.

We adapt our services to your needs :

  • If you have already entrusted us with your inductor: make a simple repair request.
  • If you have the inductor plans : send them to us.
  • If you have an existing inductor : send it to us.
  • If you don’t have a plan or inductors : we will study your request.

Some examples of our achievements ...