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Your induction heating system requires regular monitoring by specialists. Don’t wait for a breakdown!

That’s why we offer maintenance services on demand or under contract.

Maintenance at your site or in workshop

Regular maintenance of the elements of your induction heating system is necessary. In fact, changing the wear parts or maintaining the highly stressed parts can, in some cases, extend their life and save money.  

To this end, we propose :
  • Complete rehabilitation
  • Measurements and controls of your facility’s equipment
  • Check and replace cooling piping
  • Refurbishment of sensors, inductors, capacitor box, cooling systems and controls Replacement of inductors
Stripping of an inductor coil
Replacement of hoses, fittings and hoses clamps on an inductor

Field Service Contract

When you choose this contract, the interventions are planned over a year. They are intended to address routine maintenance and substantive issues.

Maintenance contracts allow us to react before the breakdown and to have maximum availability to make your production tool reliable.

We draw up an annual schedule to carry out regular technical visits of the installation with monthly costs.  

The benefits of our contracts :
  • Reduced troubleshooting cost

  • Improvement tips

  • Spare Parts Management

  • Helpline

Some examples in the field : 

Annual maintenance of an aluminium melting furnace (1000 kW 250Hz)